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By Ivan Gevirtz

created: Tuesday, April 22, 2008
updated: Monday, April 20, 2009

In 2000, two friends who met as Rhodes Scholars founded Wireless Generation to pioneer new territory in K-12 education, bringing innovative and emerging technologies to support the inherently human art of teaching. Co-founders Larry Berger and Greg Gunn were well-versed in educational philosophies, research, and actual classroom practices. They were experts on technology present and future. With this foundation, they closely observed the myriad kinds of interactions between students and teacher, pinpointing where technology could make a meaningful difference. With a talented team, they went on to invent the mCLASS system, a platform that enables teachers in grades K-6 to easily and efficiently give assessments using a handheld computer instead of paper, receive real-time data on students' needs, and access both mobile and Web-based tools for using data to improve teaching and learning.

The mCLASS system took off, and so did Wireless Generation, adding new products to the platform and introducing professional services for educators. Now from its loft headquarters in Brooklyn and satellite offices in Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, and Washington, DC, hundreds of employees serve over 150,000 educators nationwide and overseas who use the company’s products and services to better diagnose over 2 million children’s learning needs and to deliver targeted, effective instruction. The mCLASS system has saved teachers at least 225 million minutes of precious instructional time. It has made schools “greener,” saving at least 280 million pieces of paper.

Wireless Generation’s team continues to grow and innovate. The company attracts top talent who thrive in an atmosphere of creative thinking about how leading edge technologies can support and enhance the human activities of teaching and learning.

If you share a passion for technology, education, or social entrepreneurship that is creating meaningful change, then we'd like to meet you.


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