Ivan Louis Gevirtz

                                                                        3 Birchwood Ct.

                                                                        Princeton Jct., NJ 08550

                                                                        (609) 851-9875


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Patented, Oscar-awarded, MIT-educated, tenacious technology pioneer with 18 years of professional results-driven leadership.

·        Proven executive with a decade of experience leading, managing and coaching technologists.

·        Over 28 years experience delivering scalable, high performance, low defect, cross-platform, secure software, services, and sites.  Successfully shipped well over a dozen software product suites.

·        Deep experience throughout the entire high tech business lifecycle, consistently exceeding expectations even with extremely limited resources. Proven expertise at turning ideas into profitable companies.

·        Inventor of several technologies, including patent-pending Connection Reliability Using Stream Handoff (CRUSH) — firewall traversal technology, Analytic Data Organization Refinement Experimentation (ADORE) — analytic web data optimization, AudioKey — keyword extraction from audio, MagicEar — a kind of radio, CIPS — a form of AI, and Vispertek perimeter — a medical device.

·        Tenacious, well rounded, and versatile team player with excellent communication, interpersonal, and mentoring skills. Able to perform all the roles required in a growth environment — "Get it done!"


Career Highlights

Wireless Generation                                       New York, NY                    Mar. 2009 –  Current

Director of Engineering.                                                      

·   Managing 4+ product divisions comprising 10 teams of about 80 people, including 50 developers.

·   Reorganized structure of teams to increase productivity and effectiveness.

·   Transformed Tier 3 Support organization to workflow based process yielding increased visibility.

·   Created Geek Chic team focused on maintaining, propagating and enhancing company culture, recruiting and interviewing processes, and personnel development and retention.

·   Enhanved adoption of Agile process, trained employees, and introduced Agile Mantras.

·   Started new Reporting Platform Team to consolidate and modernize disparate reporting products.

·   Championing new goals for dynamic content creation and production.

·   Dramatically reducing siloed knowledge and single points of failure in personnel.

·   Created Open Source policy, security reviews, architecture board, tech lead lunches, 5% projects, ...


UpCompany (www.tracked.com)                    New York, NY                    Mar. 2008 –  Jan. 2009

Chief Technology Officer.                                                      

·   Led team to build an extremely dynamic, data-driven website, using Agile process.

·   Worked with CEO to secure over $6MM in financing.

·   Recruited and managed world class team of 16 — engineering, database, IT, QA, and PM.

·   Created strategic and technical vision, requirements, roadmap, budget.

·   Invented new web analytics methods, including ADORE system.

·   Designed horizontally scalable and highly available system using service oriented architecture.

·   Worked with team to solve record linkage, data disambiguation, and entity extraction challenges.

·   Managed technical aspects of vendor relationships.


Clique Communications Corporation             Princeton, NJ                     Aug. 2005 –  Jan. 2008

Senior Director of Advanced Technology.                                                      

·   Invented, developed and patented CRUSH — a technology for low cost connectivity.

·   Provided strategic and tactical leadership through high level talks and blog essays.

·   Transformed development organization, resulting in quality products being shipped on time.

·   Created design pattern yielding 40x performance with fewer resources. Presented tech talks.

·   Co-Invented and managed development of AudioKey — a technology capable of generating advertising revenue through extraction of profile and keyword information in audio data.


Activated Content Corporation                      Bellevue, WA                     Dec. 2004 –  Aug. 2005

Interim Chief Technology Officer.                                                                    

·   Helped lead this technology restart to acquire investment.


Coco Communications Corporation               Seattle, WA                       Mar. 2003 –  Dec. 2004

Vice President of Technology.                                                                           

·   Successfully grew 3 person startup to over 70, with millions in revenue, government and private sector contracts, global alliances with industry leaders, and a comprehensive product suite.

·   Led team of 40 devs, PMs, QAs, IT ops, and SEs to successfully execute product roadmap.

·   Built organizational processes including: recruiting and interviewing practices; coding practices; developer training; intranet; tech talks. Developed human resource department. Built company culture.

·   Testified to Alaska state legislation; Broadcast on TV throughout state.  Presented at conferences.


Siaxx Corporation                                           Seattle, WA                       Sept. 2000 –  Mar. 2003

Chief Technology Officer, Founder.                                                                

·   Provided vision and technical leadership throughout all aspects of business operations.

·   Developed software through entire lifecycle, including 6 releases and live customer installations.

·   Authored white papers, technology vision, roadmap, use cases, competitive analysis, technology assessment, project plan, customer requirements, MRD and PRD.

·   Presented material to industry analysts, partners, investors, advisors, legal counsel, and clients.

·   Collaborated with CEO on pitches, business plans, financial models, marketing, and legal.


Amazon.com Anywhere                                  Seattle, WA                         July 1999 –  Sept. 2000

Founding team member, Senior Software Development Engineer.            

·   Developed the world’s first mobile shopping applications, including international markets.  Product won CellMania’s WAPPY Award for Worlds Best Wireless Shopping Application.

·   Project manager and lead engineer for mobile auctions.  Worked with business development.

·   Designed, analyzed and evangelized technical architectures to senior management including CEO.

·   Helped invent XML based service technology which became Amazon Web Services.

·   Lead technical interviewer.  Hired 8 engineers.  Mentored interns.  Taught technical seminars.


Siaxx Consulting, Inc., MA                            Brookline, MA                   Sept. 1992 –  Aug. 1999

Chief Executive Officer, Founder.                                                                    

·   Organized and managed all aspects of the business.  Selected clients detailed below:

·   Convergence Corporation: Instrumental in having the company rapidly acquired by Amazon.com

·   Open Media Framework: Worked with clients and partners, including Pixar to solve problems.

·   Avid Technology: Led a team of 7 engineers to design and develop comprehensive unit testing framework and tests.  MPAA Academy Award ("Oscar") for Technical Achievement.

·   Intel Corporation: Led software team, adhering to high engineering standards including ISO 9001.

·   Lotus Development Corporation: VP sponsored team lead to design and develop Internet tools.

·   Strategic Interactive Group: Collaboratively designed and developed proof of concept for IBM.


Vispertek Inc. (Arrington Research)             Cambridge, MA                  May 1994 –  Aug. 1996

Chief Technology Officer, Founder.                                                                

·   MIT Entrepreneurship $10K competition semi-finalist.  Authored and submitted SBIR grant.

·   Invented Perimeter.


MarketMAX, Inc. (SAS)                                Danvers, MA                       Jan. 1995 –  Feb. 1996

Software Architect, Entrepreneur.                                                                    

·   Worked with a small team to develop a new product. Helped CEO with strategic business plan.



Harvard University WorldTeach                    Quito, ECUADOR              Sept. 1996 –  Aug. 1997

Volunteer English Instructor.                                                                            

·   Taught at the country’s premier Engineering University, Escuela Politécnica Nacional.

·   Summited Mt. Cotopaxi — 20,000 feet.

·   Conversant in spoken Spanish.


MIT Infant Vision Lab                                   Cambridge, MA                   May 1994 –  Aug. 1996

Vision Scientist, Research Assistant, Software Developer.                          

·   Lab results written up in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.


MIT Lowell Institute School                         Cambridge, MA                  Sept. 1992 –  June 1996

Laboratory Instructor, Teacher Assistant: Microprocessor Systems: Basic Principles.               

·   Managed class sizes of up to 60 students.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology        Cambridge, MA                   Aug. 1991 –  Dec. 1994

Bachelor of Science in Brain and Cognitive Sciences; Pre-Med.                          

·   Graduated in 3½ years.

·   Varsity Basketball player — 4 seasons.

·   99th Boston Marathon runner.