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updated on 6/30/2010

created on 6/30/2010

Was it a cosmic coincidence? Or is it my fate? And what does all this have to do with my lovely wife, Jill?

About Me

updated on 6/14/2010

created on 10/11/2005

Who is that tall dude?


updated on 2/26/2010

created on 1/14/2008

I am a patented, Oscar-awarded, MIT-educated, tenacious technology pioneer with 18 years of professional results-driven leadership. This is the online version of my resume. [pdf version]

Network Defect

updated on 3/4/2010

created on 1/28/2010

I was wrong...

Process Schmocess

updated on 2/26/2010

created on 6/6/2006

Lots of people are talking about Software Development Process. What's all the fuss? I might talk about process in this article. Or, I might just chatter about the coolness of our industry. Click here and find out!

My Palm Pre Keeps Failing Me

updated on 6/25/2009

created on 6/15/2009

I bought a Palm Pre the morning it launched. I'm a Palm fan-boy, but the phone is not yet ready for mass-market acceptance.

We're Hiring

updated on 4/20/2009

created on 4/22/2008

I am now the Director of Engineering of a successful educational software company, and we're hiring. Here are some of the positions we're looking to fill.

W-hired-ess Gentrance

updated on 4/20/2009

created on 4/8/2009

I have just started a new position as Director of Engineering at Wireless Generation. The company makes educational assessment tools capable of accurately diagnosing specific reading competencies achieved by young learners. They have a new product that takes this a step further by providing teachers fine grained proscriptive curriculum guidance and classroom management tools. The result is more students achieving more competent reading skills sooner.

Defer for Understanding

updated on 5/20/2009

created on 1/27/2009

When starting a company, everything is unknown. Prioritizing the conversion of unknown in to realized can seem an insurmountable challenge. When in doubt, "Defer for understanding!"

My First Patent

updated on 6/4/2008

created on 6/4/2008

On my 35th birthday, I discovered that I achieved immortality. My name will live forever with the publication of my first patent. CRUSH was invented on 9/23/2005, submitted as a provisional on 10/24/2006, and the full disclosure application filed on 10/23/2007. It takes about 6 months for WIPO to publicly disclose the invention, so it is finally online! "System and Method for Establishing a Peer-to-Peer Connection" is the official name for CRUSH -- Connection Reliability Using Stream Handoff.

Recruitment Culture

updated on 12/19/2007

created on 4/7/2006

Employees are a company's most important asset , indeed. But how does a company find and retain the best? A corporate recruiting culture is the key to a virtuous cycle of hiring.

Others Online

updated on 1/26/2009

created on 12/18/2007

Others Online provides a people matching service that follows users across the Internet. Clique provides a comprehensive suite of tools enabling users rich communication capabilities. Together we can enhance the value of our product offerings and monetize them via highly targeted advertising revenue.

Incremental Revenue

updated on 1/7/2008

created on 11/7/2007

Clique's strategy has been to go after huge wins. Having closed a 10 year deal with Comcast, this approach has been amazingly successful. However, Clique still needs working capital to cover operating costs until revenue from Comcast is sufficient. Finding market opportunities to meet these revenue needs could yield other powerful benefits. Advertising revenue, via Audio Key or Others Online, may be the answer to our short term revenue needs.

Jezzie, Manny, Corey, Dana and the triplets

updated on 11/8/2007

created on 9/26/2007

What is this one all about?

Introducing Ken Smith

updated on 6/4/2008

created on 10/10/2007

Ken Smith is our AudioKey guru. He and I have had a positive working relationship that spans almost 10 years. He also has an interesting internal blog here.

Four Bars

updated on 1/7/2008

created on 5/22/2007

We should extend the 4 bars metaphor, commonly used by cell phones, to *each* individual buddy and their capabilities

Really, Really Secure. No, Really!

updated on 1/7/2008

created on 1/31/2007

Security or liability?

Ye Olde Generic Website Security Document

updated on 1/31/2007

created on 1/31/2007

AKA Clique Video Greetings Security

Reality Video

updated on 12/13/2006

created on 11/27/2006

Live video chat can be used to verify identity, constancy of identity, and approximate age, especially of those under 18.

Free Lunch

updated on 6/4/2008

created on 8/24/2006

Free lunches could be a great opportunity for Clique!

BBC Dynamo!

updated on 8/2/2006

created on 8/2/2006

The BBC has a new service allowing readers to submit pictures or video via MMS or email.

Employee Life

updated on 8/10/2007

created on 1/25/2006

Ideas for retaining employees and keeping them happy, in a virtuous cycle that builds geek chick.

Software Organization Tenets

updated on 1/7/2008

created on 10/11/2005

Some tenets for building successful software organizations.

The Money Shot! or That vid is MONEY!

updated on 1/7/2008

created on 5/25/2006

Paying users for content may be a way to differentiate Vlog Crazy in a way that entices new users and compels existing users to return to the site and its content.

CRUSH Organization

updated on 6/4/2008

created on 5/10/2006

To properly execute on the CRUSH business plan, an agile team must be assembled.


updated on 8/10/2007

created on 4/17/2006

There is no such thing as perfect security. However, with careful analysis, perfect security policy can be achieved.

The Most Important Thing

updated on 4/7/2006

created on 10/11/2005

What is THE most important thing for a startup?

Sink or Swim

updated on 7/28/2008

created on 3/10/2006

A rant on media stream processing. Gives a nomenclature and an easy way to depict "filters" and how they are coupled. This is one of my most important and most technical pieces.


updated on 8/10/2007

created on 2/15/2006

The network effect is how AIM, eBAY, Craigs List, and My Space have managed to achieve near monopolies in their respective areas. The loss of the network effect is also why telco's today can't seem to make the vast profits they used to make. In some areas, such as Video Chat and Push To Talk (PTT) Cellular, nobody has managed to achieve the network effect.

CRUSH Extensions

updated on 6/4/2008

created on 2/22/2006

CRUSH is more than a technology. It is a whole product line!

King Kontent

updated on 8/10/2007

created on 2/13/2006

How can Clique monetize King Kontent? Is content truly King?

Mobile Video

updated on 2/8/2006

created on 2/8/2006

A business proposition for aggregating mobile video clips.

Development Process and Tools

updated on 1/7/2008

created on 12/16/2005

A bulleted list of stuff every development organization should have.

I am Hungry

updated on 9/16/2009

created on 11/17/2005

A long, long time ago, seemingly back to when immigrants came through Ellis Island, Microsoft's former Chief Architect invented Hungarian Notation. While I do share some of his ethnic heritage, and his passion for defensive coding, I don't share his desire to encumber variable names.

Agile Development

updated on 1/7/2008

created on 11/15/2005

notes from the trenches on key implementation aspects of agile development

Lazy Work

updated on 3/15/2010

created on 11/9/2005

Larry Wall, the designer of Perl, asserts that great developers are fundamentally Lazy.

Drivers for Video and their Overlap with Mobility

updated on 2/8/2006

created on 10/20/2005

Who cares about video? Mobile Video?

Coding Standards

updated on 1/7/2008

created on 10/6/2005

Coding Standards

Unit Testing

updated on 1/7/2008

created on 10/11/2005

Some thoughts on unit testing, and details of our unit testing toolkit, CppUnit.

CRUSH -- Connection Reliability Using Stream Handoff

updated on 6/4/2008

created on 9/23/2005

CRUSH enables Clique to offer fast call setup and guaranteed connectivity without massive back end capacity.

Why Open Source

updated on 6/4/2008

created on 10/6/2005

thoughts as to why Clique should Open Source CVM and CVP